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  • You Probably Don’t Find All the Jobs You’re Qualified For

    We’re convinced that there are many positions that cleared job seekers just never see, for any number of reasons. It may be issues of geography, incorrect keywords, security clearance, or keyword search errors. Let’s look at some search techniques that will help you find m… more

  • 7 Surprisingly Common Interview Mistakes

    When you arrive at an interview, first impressions are critical. The people you interview with will subconsciously make judgments about you within the first minutes of meeting you. Those impressions are influenced by many things beyond your skills, such as how you shake hands, ho… more

  • Interview with a Recruiter, Whitney Todd, Sawdey Solution Services

    I have been in the recruiting industry for about seven years now. I have worked in both civilian recruiting and federal contracting recruiting. I relocated from South Eastern Kentucky to Dayton, Ohio in December, 2015, for my current role as a recruiter for Sawdey. Another rec… more

  • Interview with a Recruiter, Laura Letts, AECOM

    We recently talked to Laura Letts, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition for AECOM. Laura has been with AECOM for about 5 years in operations and maintenance supporting the Intel Community. That means taking care of the whole building from top to bottom, staffing with tradespersons suc… more

  • Don’t Use These 4 Job Search Strategies

    The job search landscape has changed tremendously in recent years. The digital age has led to information overload for both job seekers and employers. We’ve talked to recruiters and hiring managers in the cleared community and developed a list of cleared job search practices th… more