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  • Recruiters’ Resolutions. Really?

    At this time of year it’s really difficult to get away from articles yacking at you about resolutions for the new year. It is a concept that is overdone carrying with it the stigma of pressure to improve your life. How about just losing the word “resolution” and think rathe… more

  • Is A New Job In Your Future

    Are you considering vying for a new position or promotion with your current employer? Or is it about time to be searching for a new employer? While you decide, now is the time to take some basic steps to ensure your career future shines. Sit down with a blank page in fro… more

  • Where Do I Wear My Name Badge

    Some of you are probably thinking, “Wow, who really cares?” It may seem trivial, but it’s part of your appearance, and one of the first things others will notice when meeting you at a job fair or networking event. You want to look the part of the prepared professional wh… more

  • Cyber Security Roundup: Winter Olympics, Psiphon and Iran’s unrest, Turla Returns, WhatsApp, BitLocker

    Our cyber security roundup is brought to you each week by our friends at The CyberWire. The CyberWire Podcasts are their daily view on what’s happening in cyberspace. Each day’s podcast has a quick news summary as well as commentary from industry experts and The CyberWire’… more

  • Veterans Roundup: Pentagon Looks to Cultural Shift Military, Veteran Patients Put at Risk, Fight Over Aid to Help Homeless Vets and More

    Meet The Man Behind The Site That Makes The Military Laugh Eric Dehm (@EricDehm), ConnectingVets For many, transitioning to civilian life after leaving the Marine Corps can be tough, and Paul Szoldra is no exception. An enlisted Marine Corps veteran, Szoldra at one point even c… more