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  • Smart and Senior – Job Search Tips

    Every job fair in the past 18 months which I have attended or heard of has had more senior-level people attending. So your ‘competition’ is increasing. What should you do? Tip 1.  It’s who knows you, not just who you know. You need to involve your current network ef… more

  • The Worst Mistake in a Job Search

    At the most recent Cleared Job Fair, Patra Frame reviewed job seekers’ resumes. Patra shared one issue that challenged many of the job seekers she spoke with: How do you write a resume when you don’t really know what you want to do? You may have great skills. But do you kno… more

  • A Job Fair? Networking? But My Work is Classified

    So often I hear job seekers who focus entirely on searching for work online and do not understand the value of personal contacts and networking. And when I talk to folks in intel or other data-oriented classified work, this is even more common. But a job search that is effecti… more

  • October 27 Cleared Job Fair Career Seminar Schedule

    [caption id="attachment_3651" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Patra Frame teaching Resume Tips and Tricks"][/caption] Join us Thursday, October 27, for the Cleared Job Fair at the Four Points Sheraton BWI to meet with cleared facilities employers. We’ll also be featur… more

  • Interview With a Recruiter, Melanie Chin

    From time to time we bring you Q/A sessions with recruiters, who provide insights on their company, its hiring practices and job search tips. [caption id="attachment_3501" align="alignleft" width="80" caption="Melanie Chin"][/caption] Melanie Chin, MorganFranklin Tell u… more