Am I Going to Be Hired at a Cleared Job Fair

Posted by Rob Riggins

Job seekers do get hired at Cleared Job Fairs. In fact General Dynamics-IT will have hiring managers on site for the April 5 Cleared Job Fair, and they do make offers on-the-spot.

Many other companies bring hiring managers, such as HP, and they consistently provide feedback that they make hires from job seekers they meet at each Cleared Job Fair. These aren’t necessarily on-the-spot hires, but the initial conversation does start at the event.

Resume Reviews

But the majority of job seekers will not be hired at a Cleared Job Fair – whether hiring managers are present for a particular company or not. A Cleared Job Fair is a place for initial conversations and networking to take place, for resumes to be reviewed by a ClearedJobs.Net professional, for Career Seminars by our HR Specialist, Patra Frame, as well as for cookies and brownies!

The recruiters who are in attendance can get you through the door and introduce you to hiring managers, among other things. While a particular recruiter may not have an opportunity for you at the moment, they may have an opportunity for you in the future.

What are some of the other things a recruiter can do? They can answer your questions about:

•    The company

•    The hiring process

•    Key jobs that they are seeking to fill now and in the future

•    Some of the best ways to be considered as a candidate with the company

Many recruiters are also very helpful in providing feedback on your resume or career search.

A job fair is an opportunity to practice your networking skills, meet employers, put your elevator speech into action, and to gather information that will assist you in your job search. It’s one of the pieces of the puzzle for your job search. Not the entire answer for most job seekers, but certainly a valuable piece.

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