American Legion Offers Help for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in Employment Crisis

Posted by Kathleen Smith

The American Legion is tackling a problem suffered by an alarming number of military veterans: unemployment. A report just released by the Deptment of Labor says that last year’s unemployment rate for young veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as 21.1 percent.

Meanwhile, the jobless rate among non-veterans in the same 18-to-24 age range was 16.6 percent.

“The American Legion has been aware of this situation for some time,” said Joe Sharpe, director of The American Legion’s Economic Division in Washington, “and we are addressing it with frequent, well-attended job fairs and business workshops for veterans.

During its Washington Conference, the Legion also sponsored a job fair and small business workshop, attended by about 200 veterans. “Given today’s economic realities, the unemployment challenge among young veterans is especially difficult,” concluded Sharpe, “but we are doing everything we can to help our country’s most deserving job-seekers meet it.”

The American Legion maintains an online Career Center to disseminate employment information to veterans. It can be accessed at

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