An Independence Day Message from a Soldier in Afghanistan

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Major Gary Good, Afghanistan
This evening I look upon my day tomorrow and realize that it is one of the most important days of the United States calendar. 235 years ago, a group of men came together and laid their lives on the line to set a new path in the course of history. No longer would they live under the rule of a man, or men, who would hold sway over their lives without asking their opinions of that sway. No longer would they violate the deep desire that God has placed in the hearts of all men … Liberty!

This evening, I am in Afghanistan busy with my daily activities. I serve as a planner in the CJ5 at NTM-A. I look at the future on a daily basis. I listen to Presidential speeches and National Strategy announcements. I listen to the commanders for whom I work. All the while, I listen to the words of our Founding Fathers and think about the great men and women who serve with me here in much more difficult circumstances. Our Founding Fathers spoke of the incessant desire of all men to seek freedom … liberty. Throughout the ages, this has been the case, and it is no different here.

We hear of horrid and terrible atrocities committed by an enemy that forces women and children to die in order to kill one of our coalition or the Afghans we are here to support. Or, they kill civilians, including patients and doctors at hospitals, because they think grabbing headlines will somehow win the day. The enemy will not rest, so we are tireless in our resolve to defeat them. The Afghans are as well and are making great strides to take over the mantle of responsibility themselves. We must succeed because this vile enemy will not rest until it is able to foment its actions into the heartlands of the USA and/or our friends.

But, Today is a day of celebration! A day to remember that the hand of God moved among those men 235 years ago. On this day 235 years ago, those men put their lives on the line as they signed the Declaration of Independence in full knowledge that they would be wanted men from that day forward. John Adams was already declared an enemy of the King from his written works the year before, so the men knew the outcome of this Declaration.

Yet… they carried forth the mantle of freedom to set a new path. A path that shines as the City Upon the Hill for the whole world to see. I am honored to be in Afghanistan on this July 4th, this Independence Day, as Afghanistan takes it first steps of transition this month. I thank all of you who do the little things that remind the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coasties, and Civilians that you are thinking of us. From a Cup of Joe from the Green Beans coffee shop to Operation Gratitude to the boxes upon boxes of Girl Scout cookies, we are humbled that you take time out of your busy schedules to remember us. Please do not stop… those young men and women out doing the hard work everyday deserve your efforts and so much more.

And… thank you to ClearedJobs.Net and all the other USA companies who also protect our country in their own ways. It takes the dedicated Servicemembers, but it absolutely takes the dedication and service of the many companies around the USA that provide the materiel goods and services that enable us to do our jobs.

Have a Blessed Independence Day this July 4, 2011!

Gary L. Good

Major, USA

Army Strategist

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