Are recruiters seeing your resume?

Posted by Kathleen Smith

You’ve posted your resume to a job board but are recruiters finding it? That kind of market data is available at your fingertips on the “My Statistics” page, where you can see how many times your resume has been viewed by a recruiter.

That’s important info because it tells you if you have the right key words in your resume to grab the attention of a recruiter. Recruiters enter specific key words when they search resumes. No key words, no resume.

So if your resume hasn’t been viewed, it’s a clear indication that some review and rewriting is in order.

To access your statistics log in to your account. Click on “statistics report” in the center of the screen. On the next page under “My Resume Views” you can find the number of times your resume has been viewed. On the left under “Limit by Date Range” you can select a range of dates to further refine when recruiters have viewed your resume. Happy marketing!

This entry was posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 11:00 am

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