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  • Enjoy Rolling Thunder Memorial Day photos

    Memorial Day 2009 included being part of the Rolling Thunder pre-parade and then going downtown to view the 400,000 bikes come into town. On my way back from Vienna, I was stopped on the ramp from 267 to 66 East along with 75 bikers. The State police stopped us for about 30 minut… more

  • Outside the Net … around-town activities for Memorial Day Weekend 2009

    One of the great things about living in Washington DC is that when you watch a movie that is “supposedly” filmed in DC, you get to critique if the events are really happening in the DC area, such as someone is supposedly at the agency in Virginia and moments later they are… more

  • Interesting tid bit:

    On a recent US Airways flight, I thumbed through the in-flight magazine. These magazines have gotten better over the years realizing that passengers are looking for tidbits of information rather than a full length article that might not be of interest. In this particular issue… more

  • “It’s go time!!” ClearedJobs.Net sponsors *Train of Pain* bicycle team; Team Kicks off annual Train of Pain Ride today, May 18

    The core of our Train of Pain bike team consists of military members — all from two Special Operations groups: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) …and… Naval Special Warfare (NSW or SEAL)The remaining members of the team are made up of older and former athletes that still … more

  • Cleared Job Fair Recap: May 7th @ Linthicum, Maryland

    Last Thursday, May 7th to be exact, we held our latest Cleared Job Fair in Linthicum, Maryland. We suspected this Cleared Job Fair would be a good one because the vendor spaces had sold out right away! And even though it rained for most of the day, we still had a sensational… more