Best Recruiters Now Have Badges

Posted by Kathleen Smith

ClearedJobs.Net Best RecruiterWe have so much fun with our Best Recruiter programs. Recruiters get excited when they are voted by the job seekers at each Cleared Job Fair and Cyber Job Fair as providing the best overall recruiting experience.

Now you can see who is a Best Recruiter by their Best Recruiter badge! Each year, we launch the Best Recruiter Wall of Fame of the recruiters who have been voted the best by our community. At the end of the year, we celebrate each one of these recruiters with the Best Recruiter Celebration. The celebration is a time for the recruiters to be acknowledged, to network with other best recruiters and to be inspired by a nationally recognized speaker on recruiting. This year’s Best Recruiter Celebration keynote speaker is Susan LaMotte, founder of exaqueo.

But now you can find out about the Best Recruiters before the Wall of Fame and the Best Recruiter Celebration because of the new Best Recruiter badges! After each Cleared Job Fair and Cyber Job Fair when the Best Recruiters are announced, each recruiter will get their Best Recruiter Badge that they can put on their social media profiles and their companies can put this on the careers page on their website.

“Thank you so much for having the Best Recruiter Program at Cleared Job Fairs. We went to our first ever job fair in November, and were voted Best Recruiter by the job seekers. Then we attended and won again in May, which was just our second job fair. I have a heavy HR background and Ben has a PM and highly technical background. We felt like we were navigating the recruiting portion at a disadvantage, as we had no prior experience working at a job fair. This award assured us that although we do not have a recruiting background, we know people and what they are looking for in an employer. Thank you again!”

– Heidi Bunkua, TRIAEM

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