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  • DC Snow Storm Survival Kit a la ClearedJobs.Net Style!

    If you have live in the DC area, you will know that when snow is in the forecast everyone runs to the store to fill up on their critical items to get them through the snow storm. This typically have been milk, bread and toilet paper. On the other hand some of us are more practica… more

  • “Beastie Butt” Sports Our Very Own “The Net” Snowman T !!!

    Our good colleague over at L3 Communications, Brigit Freedman, has been posting "Beastie Butt" doggie photos sporting our very own ClearedJobs.Net t-shirts all over Facebook!! These Beastie Butt pics are hysterical and super cute! We were completely caught off guard by these BUT … more

  • @ILoveMyTroops loves @ClearedJobsNet … and we love her right back!

    So who is @ILoveMyTroops? Oh, let's just say she's: Tamara Burgess, a super lady devoted to our military troops a blogger and active "twitter'er" sharing "tweets" on Twitter about all things military ... and ... a patriotic-loving American who launched Tam… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net T-Shirt Contest Winners

    Winner 1 of 2The winner of our first $500 American Express gift card for uploading a photo wearing their ClearedJobs.Net to our Facebook page has been notified of his win today. His photo exemplified summer fun as he and his ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt enjoyed the sunshine and wav… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt contest … extended until Friday, August 28th

    We are extending our ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt contest deadlines through Friday, August 28, 2009.Yes, this means we're softies! What can we say? Fridays will do that to marketing folks! So now there's a little more time left for you to participate and try your hand at winning a $… more