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  • Intelligence Community Mentoring Event

    Network with over 20 experienced intel community professionals at the INSA Intelligence Champions Council Speed Mentoring event March 25, 5:30pm, at the Key Bridge Marriott. “If you’re a young professional seeking to enter the intel community or further your intel career, … more

  • Should I Get a Master’s in Cyber Intelligence

    One of the great things about participating in a LinkedIn group is that you can ask a question. Depending on the group you may get some really good feedback. In one particular group focused on Cyber Intelligence, we noticed this question by a transitioning military professional. … more

  • Workforce Challenges in the Intelligence Community

    A new generation of intelligence community professionals is just now making its way in to the workforce. They have different values, ideals and expectations than the long-serving intelligence community professionals who are nearing retirement. Beyond the need to revamp the sec… more

  • New Survey on Sequestration’s Impact

    The Government Technology and Services Coalition (GTSC) released a new annual survey on the impact of sequestration on homeland and national security. GTSC surveyed over 220 respondents about actual and planned impacts to the contracting community engaged in mission-critical acti… more

  • Summer Spy Reading

    As we head into the heart of summer, we're recommending two books that although they are not new, they are timely in the wake of the Snowden affair and the focus on the intelligence community. The moderator of the recent AFCEA EPIC panel, Shane Harris, is well known within the… more