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  • Four Holiday Job Search Tips

    Every year in November, job seekers get discouraged that no-one is hiring and stop their search activities until January. Is this you? Make the last two months of the year work for you, instead of against you. Step 1: Review all your marketing materials and update them. … more

  • Nobody Loves Me, Job Search Gone Bad

    I was talking with a job seeking friend recently. He was angry and discouraged. “I have applied to a lot of jobs, gone to a lot of job fairs, and no-one responds,” he said. “I’ve got the top clearances in hot demand areas. WTH?” So I asked a few questions - ones you … more

  • Launches … Good Place for Cleared Job Seekers to Learn About Upcoming Networking Opportunities

    GovEvents has just launched a portal for government-related events. The site provides in-depth information on a wide variety of events, from major industry tradeshows, to government conferences, to agency-sponsored roundtables, and webcasts.  GovEvents helps federal, state … more