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  • Fall recruitDC Announced

    If you’re a recruiter in the Washington, DC metro area, have you checked out recruitDC? ClearedJobs.Net is a sponsor of this gathering of local recruiting experts, and we hope you can attend the next half-day event on Thursday, December 6, at the USA Today / Gannett building… more

  • Got Community

    Community as an aspect of our daily lives – not the television show – has become another buzzword. Many of us crave community, be it a gated community or online community. But what is a community? When you experience community you know you have it and many times it isn’t… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net Participates as Panelist for Cleared and Military Recruiting Sessions @ #recruitDC

    Last Wednesday, I had the great privilege to participate as a panelist at two sessions focused on military and cleared recruiting at the RecruitDC unconference, held at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC. From the response post-sessions, it appears the topic(s) of mil… more

  • Inaugural Kick Off of recruitDC Brings Washington, DC Recruiting Community Together for Networking, Education and Collaboration

    ClearedJobs.Net is proud to sponsor recruitDC -- an up and coming inaugural unconference for recruiters by recruiters and to be an active member of the planning committee. “Recruiters face many new challenges each day but rarely get time to get together, share best practice… more

  • What’s Your Company’s Recruiting IQ?

    I got a chance to interview Peter Weddle before the Best Recruiters of 2009 celebration and we talked about the fact that too many companies still treat recruiting and staffing as if anyone can do it successfully. Peter described as ‘dilettantes’ those in management and execu… more