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  • Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes Winners

    We've got a winner! Two winners in fact from our Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes. D.S. from Silver Spring, MD and T.W. from Perry, FL. Congratulations to both D.S. and T.W. and thanks to everyone who participated. If you’re an active job seeker, it's still important to Refre… more

  • Refresh Your Resume and Win a $500 AMEX Gift Card

    When was the last time you looked at your ClearedJobs.Net profile or resume? Did you know when employers search a resume database they typically search for job seekers who have been “active” in the last 30-45 days? That’s because they don’t want to be wading through job s… more

  • Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes winners

    This summer our Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes encouraged job seekers to refresh their resume at least every 30 days so recruiters would know they are still active job seekers. It’s easy to refresh. Simply login to your ClearedJobs.Net account. Go to the middle of the page… more

  • Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes — Win a $500 AMEX Gift Card

    If you are a security-cleared job seeker, it's not too late to participate in ClearedJobs.Net’s Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes. You could win one of two $500 American Express Gift Cards we’ll be giving away. Winners are selected from candidates who refresh their resu… more