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  • Social Media, Creative Questions Key to Recruiting Top Talent

    Empower candidates and offer them the best recruitment experience possible by identifying them through social media networks and then employing creative interview questions to unearth their top wants and needs. That was the message Atlanta-based Brian Fink, senior technical so… more

  • Social Media Recruiting in the Defense Sector

    The buzz concerning social media for promoting an employment brand and recruiting has reached a fever pitch. What was once thought not possible, namely access to social media sites at many companies and agencies, is now possible. Recently, Market Connections released their sur… more

  • Should recruiters use social media for background checks?

    A recruiter is trying to fill a job requisition and thinks she has found the perfect candidate. The recruiter is ready to make the job offer but decides to check some social media sites as a further background check on the applicant. On Facebook the candidate has posted that he o… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net Attends ERE Social Recruiting Summit

    We attended another great gathering for the ERE Social Recruiting Summit - this time at the Best Buy Headquarters MN with a Tweetup by LinkUp at the Mall of America! It was a definite good time and we appreciate the opportunity to connect with so many new friends and contacts… more

  • Central Intelligence Agency: Recruiting the next generation of spies via Facebook

    This February 2009 article I found online the other day, published by US News & World Report, poses an interesting question: "Should the country's secret spy agency (CIA) be encouraging potential hires to publicize their interest in the intelligence field? The article prov… more