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  • Managing Your Digital Footprint in the Social Media Age

    Long gone are the days when we had a blank slate meeting new people. With the proliferation of social media and online communication tools, our personal brand often arrives before us, forming impressions based off of our digital footprint. While this can bring an added burde… more

  • Social Media, Creative Questions Key to Recruiting Top Talent

    Empower candidates and offer them the best recruitment experience possible by identifying them through social media networks and then employing creative interview questions to unearth their top wants and needs. That was the message Atlanta-based Brian Fink, senior technical so… more

  • What Hiring Managers Want From Your Social Media Accounts

    Is social media helping or hurting job seekers? The results of a just released CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers who research candidates via social media illustrate it all depends on the job seeker. Self-Defeating Content The top mentions for self-defeating content… more

  • Do You Check Out an Employer’s Reputation, Employers Do You Know Your Reputation

    Recruiters’ jobs are to find a perfect candidate for a company or client needing a job filled. Recruiters must be respectful, courteous, accommodating, and pleasant to deal with as the face of the corporate entity. Their goal is to demonstrate and convince the job seeker their … more

  • The 3 Benefits of Social Media and Your Job Search

    Cat videos. The Kardashians. Inappropriate tweets by The Onion. It’s understandable why some cleared job seekers still shy away from social media. There is a lot of chaff in the wheat and we’ve all seen or heard examples of individuals over-sharing information and making t… more