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  • Defense & Veterans Roundup: Phoenix VA Under Pressure Over Wait List Allegations, House Balks at Slashing Pay and Benefits

    Soldier Who Lost Leg in Afghanistan Vowed ‘I Will Return.’ This is What it Took to Get Back. Tim Craig, The Washington Post. A mere 2 percent of service member amputees return to their front line jobs after recovery. This is the story of one of them. 1LT Joshua Pitcher h… more

  • April 8 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    U.S. Would Save $14 Billion Buying German Combat Vehicle Tony Capaccio (@ACapaccio) and Nick Taborek, Bloomberg Business Week. The Congressional Budget Office issued a report this week examining the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle and concluded that simply purchasing the German… more

  • March 11 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    F-35’s Ability to Evade Budget Cuts Illustrates Challenge of Paring Defense Spending Rajiv Chandrasekaran (@rajivwashpost), Washington Post. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive weapon system in history and in these times of budget cuts it manages to survive r… more

  • Genuine Care and Concern 1, Demons 0

    Marines come to the ’mountain’ with various career-ending ailments--combat wounds, illness, injury, brain and psychological trauma. They are biding their time negotiating the military medical system, waiting on final treatments, final decisions, the final salute in uniform, a… more

  • Keys to a Successful Transition for Female Veterans

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 female veterans surged to 19.9% in September, vs. 14.7% a year earlier and 12.1% in August. While the unemployment rate for veterans as a whole is now lower than the general public, that’s obvious… more