Central Intelligence Agency: Recruiting the next generation of spies via Facebook

Posted by Kathleen Smith

This February 2009 article I found online the other day, published by US News & World Report, poses an interesting question:

“Should the country’s secret spy agency (CIA) be encouraging potential hires to publicize their interest in the intelligence field?

The article provides an answer to this question: “Apparently, it’s not a concern.”

This answer does not surprise me. As you may be aware, we’ve been leading numerous TAP classes for various government agencies and military bases and the reality is that many government agencies, not just CIA and NSA, are using social media for candidate sourcing and recruitment.

Overall, the article is yet another reminder of how much social media is (or should be) a key part of the job seeker’s landscape. This has been the case for some time now and must be incorporated into each and every job seeker’s and security cleared professional’s repertoire.

To read the article, entitled The CIA and NSA Want You to Be Their Friend on Facebook, click here.

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