Cleared Job Seeker: “After 23 years in the Army, I’m very excited to transition into private sector employment.”

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Today we met E. Hogan, an Army soldier with more than 23 years in the military now seeking private sector employment opportunities. Hogan, who learned about our Cleared Job Fair today by searching online for upcoming job fairs in the area, feels very well prepared for the many networking and interviewing opportunities our job fair presents. “I have been given excellent guidance from my Transition Assistance Program (TAP) counselors,” says Hogan. “TAP and ACAP folks have done a great job in providing me with the necessary skill set needed to be successful at job fairs.”

When asked which companies he fared well with at today’s Cleared Job Fair, Hogan enthusiastically cited Invertix, TASC, The Kenjya Group and L1 Identity Solutions. “Everyone I spoke to today was very nice and professional, but these specific companies had the right kinds of opportunities that excite me most. They are the ones I will specifically follow up with and hope to interview with in the coming days and weeks,” shares Hogan, who is actively seeking management level opportunities in the areas of Intel, Project Management, Electronic Warfare, Counter IED Training and Policy Writing.

So what are Hogan’s next steps after today’s Cleared Job Fair?
“I am going to aggressively seek as many interview opportunities as possible,” Hogan states with infinite confidence. “I’m also going to continue to search for strong networking opportunities where I can make fruitful connections.” Hogan adds he will also attend upcoming job fairs in the future. “You can’t just stop at one job fair. You have to keep going, keep seeking out any and all opportunities to get in front of these employers. That’s exactly what my plan is: Keep on interviewing and networking until the right opportunity presents itself.”

And if Hogan could dispense any advice to other cleared job seekers attending a Cleared Job Fair, what would it be?

Hogan happily shares the following solid advice relevant to any job seeker:

  • Know exactly what you want to do before arriving at the job fair
  • Don’t forget to rehearse and practice your 30-second introduction!
  • Remember that these folks are sizing you up from the moment you walk in the door so a professional appearance is an absolute must.
  • Be prepared to articulate your career and job requirements.

Hogan, our entire Cleared Job Fair staff wants to wish you the best of luck with your cleared job search!! Here’s hoping that you lock down that one opportunity that matches all your wants and needs! Keep us posted … and thank you for sharing your story with us today.

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