ClearedJobs.Net’s “Special Agent” Hound Sends Puppy Care Package to Military Working Dogs in Iraq

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Beloved canine mascot develops loyal Twitter following; responds to “tweeted” request for large breed doggie treats and toys

ososhoppingblogClearedJobs.Net has always been a longtime advocate for U.S. military men and women as well as their spouses. In the past few months, the leading online job board for professionals with security clearances has taken their support for American Armed Forces one step further with the debut of “Special Agent Oso.” Special Agent is the playful moniker assigned to the company’s beloved canine, Oso, who’s been introduced to ClearedJobs.Net’s online community as the company’s “Chief Security Officer.” In this Chief Security Officer role, Special Agent Oso is uniquely positioned to show his steadfast support for U.S. military working dogs around the world.

“Oso has been our team’s beloved mascot for years,” shared Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer for ClearedJobs.Net. “We felt it was time to incorporate him into the company’s operations in a meaningful, relevant and entertaining way and we believe we’ve achieved that through the creation of Special Agent Oso. This fun canine role makes our support of military working dogs far more visible than before.” Smith adds, “Military working dogs, along with their handlers from every military service, are deployed worldwide to support the war on terror, safeguard military bases and activities and detect bombs and other explosives before they inflict harm.”

Oso, who tweets regularly on Twitter as @SpecialAgentOso, has developed quite the following with more than 500 Twitter followers to date. Recently, Oso received a personalized Twitter request to send treats and doggie toys to a group of military working dogs deployed in Iraq.

ososhopping1Since the request came in, Oso and his ClearedJobs.Net handlers have sprung into action. The team has prepared its first “puppy care package” with toys and treats including Sea Jerky (known to be especially good for joints) as well as large Kongs and chews for large breed dogs. The package will be sent to Hulburt Air Force base in Florida for re-routing to Iraq.

“Oso has been an integral part of the company for years and he wanted to do his part,” says Smith. “The first step was establishing his participation and then his online presence using Twitter.” Smith adds, “Since we work in the community of defense and intelligence, Special Agent Oso became a natural role for our cherished hound. Moreover, Oso—who belongs to a veteran family and works with our veteran-owned organization—is well suited for leading our military working dog appreciation and awareness effort. It’s only natural Oso would, of course, want to augment our “human” military care package deliveries with a few puppy care packages of his own.”

About ClearedJobs.Net’s “Special Agent Oso”

Oso is ClearedJobs.Net’s beloved office canine and mascot. With his recent promotion to Chief Security Officer (CSO), Oso has been working to elevate awareness for U.S. military working dogs deployed around the world. For more information about Special Agent Oso, please follow him on Twitter.

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