ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Privacy Controls

Posted by Kathleen Smith

One of our most frequently asked questions is the level of access that employers have to job seeker’s profile and resume information on ClearedJobs.Net. We have several options so job seekers can select the degree of employer access that best meets the needs of their job search.
When a job seeker logs in to their ClearedJobs.Net account home page they see the following settings under the “My Resume” heading, “Resume is”:

Searchable vs. Unsearchable

This setting controls whether a job seeker’s resume can be viewed by employers. A job seeker makes their resume “Unsearchable” if they do not want to be contacted by recruiters, yet still want the flexibility to apply for jobs.

Public vs. Private

This setting controls whether the employer can view the job seeker’s name and email address from the job seeker’s Profile.

Active vs. Inactive

Selecting “Inactive” is a quick way to shut your account down yet still keep your information on file for future use. For example if you just accepted a job offer and want to stop your search, select “Inactive.” That way your account will be easily accessible should you need it in the future.

What if a job seeker wants to be anonymous?

If a job seeker wants their resume to be searchable but doesn’t want recruiters to know their name, the job seeker can edit their resume and remove some of the distinctive identifying information such as name, company and job title as necessary. The job seeker also needs to select “Private” which will mask the name and email address found in the job seeker’s Profile. The job seeker will show up in the employer’s queue as a “Private Candidate”. The recruiter can contact the job seeker from the phone number in the job seeker’s Profile or any contact information found in the job seeker’s resume.

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