ClearedJobs.Net’s Carter Goodnough Olympic-Sized Adventures in Vancouver … continued

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Today; we went all the way out to Whistler for the Men’s Cross Country; getting there was an adventure!

We left the condo at 6:30am, walked a couple of blocks to the metro train, which took us to a ferry which took us to a bus—that after a 2 hour ride dropped us at the Whistler Olympic Park parking lot…from which we walked another 1.5 miles to the venue, with the temp @ about 30 and heavy snow falling …arriving at about 10:15. 

Funny thing is we loved every minute of it (OK – the bus ride was a bit long). The energy and vibe of the games is amazing; people are here from everywhere, all decked out in national colors and cheering loudly. 

The great thing is everyone cheers for all the athletes; even if they reserve their loudest for their own. 

So far, it has been too cold for folks to be interested in the ClearedJobs.Net t-shirts. If it doesn’t have the Olympics on it…people aren’t really interested. On Friday, we go to the Men’s Biathlon event and it is supposed to be warmer, so we know people will be interested in them then.

It is just a thrill to be here!!

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