Cyber Security Market: US Federal Government Will Invest $55 Billion Over Next 6 Years

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Of particular interest to security cleared job seekers in the cyber security field is the following statistic:

The U.S. Federal Government will spend about
$55 billion on cyber security over the next six years.

Persistent weaknesses in cyber security policies and practices continue to threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information and information systems used to support the operations, assets, and personnel of most federal agencies. Recently reported incidents at federal agencies have placed sensitive data at risk, including the theft, loss, or improper disclosure of personally identifiable information of Americans, thereby exposing them to loss of privacy and identity theft.

Limitless opportunities for cyber security professionals

For fiscal year 2008, almost all 24 major federal agencies had weaknesses in cyber defense controls. An underlying reason for these weaknesses is that agencies have not fully implemented their cyber security programs. This provides an infinite number of employment possibilities for military personnel in the cyber security arena seeking to transition into private sector positions with defense and government contractors providing cyber security services to these U.S. agencies.

More good news for security cleared cyber security professionals: Market Research Media implementation of strict cyber security measures will drive steady growth of the U.S. Federal cyber security market over the next six years, at about 6.2% CAGR.

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2 thoughts on “Cyber Security Market: US Federal Government Will Invest $55 Billion Over Next 6 Years”

  1. Certain facts promted me to write this post. Number one is, what are the specific academic qualifications necessary that one would need to obtain a joc in the field od cybersecurity. In the past, for example, I have found that there are job openings in the field of "systems engineers" but yet there are probably only a hand few of educational institutions that offer a drgree in thei field. It seems to me too much emphasis is placed on academic credentials rather then skills.
    Should I feel qualified to apply for a job in cybersecurity if my degree is in Business Administration and not in Computer Science but instead was versed in the material found in the book, "The Hacker’s Bible."
    I am currently unemployed with an active TS/SCI with full lifestyle poly but am concerned that the issues we face, as a country, in the area of cybersecurity are as serious as we are led to believe. It is a fact that our universities are not graduating enough scientists and engineers. What will be the net effect? Is that another area we will be forced to outsource?

  2. You bring up many good points. Yes, the current academic environment does not have a focus per se on cybersecurity. There are certificate programs offered at many of the community colleges and universities. To address the situation at an earlier level there are a series of online contests that are geared to attract a younger audience who would be good candidates for further training by industry and the federal government. Various different agencies have also identified that there is a need to find and encourage talent within the government work force that can be further trained to enhance our cyber warrior forces. This is one of the key issues facing the Federal CIO Council.

    As to the emphasis academic credentials rather than skills, both are critically important. However the current acquisition model requires that personnel have certain academic credentials to be considered for certain government contracts.

    Again, great questions and concerns. From what we are seeing within the Federal CIO Council and other industry groups, these issues are being addresses so that we can enhance our cyber security forces.

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