Earth Day Tips 2010

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Happy 40th Birthday Earth Day!

As a longtime environmentalist and former Earth Day Organization volunteer – I worked as a coordinator for the 25th celebration that converted the Presidio from an Army Base to a National Park, so I  have a fond place in my heart for Earth Day and what it stands for. And as everyone says, Earth Day should be everyday.  Each year, I look at the resources that are available to educate and change every citizen’s daily choices that impact the environment. One site that I think is continually overlooked is the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

As it says on the EPA website “ Today, instead of having only 17 thousand EPA employees working to protect the environment, we now have over 300 million Americans as environmental partners making environmentally protective choices. By equipping this growing army of environmental stewards with the tools they need to meet today’s challenges, EPA is helping America shift into a green culture.”

Here are some of the resources to dive into as we look to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Environmental Tips broken down by energy, water usage


DC Events on the Mall April 24-25th

Events Happening Around the Nation

Learn Teach Share

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