NEWS + ADVICE socially networked candidates are becoming “accustomed” to being treated in more personal ways

Posted by Kathleen Smith, an online community for recruiters seeking to learn about the latest trends in the recruiting industry, indicated in a July 22, 2009 blog post entitled “Social Media: A Primer” that socially networked job candidates are “becoming accustomed to being treated in this more personal way, and the results are a higher quality candidate.” The blog post concludes by stating that “social media will become the primary sourcing tool and will provide the best forum for communicating with prospective candidates.”

I wanted to share this insightful commentary here so that security cleared job seekers continue to stay informed as to what recruiters are up to in so far as searching the internet, and social networks respectively, for “higher quality candidates.”

At our Cleared Job Fairs, we have a regular seminar entitled “Using Social Networks as Job Searching Tools” which specifically addresses the fundamentals of social networking for security cleared job seeking purposes. It’s a solid primer for those just starting — or still on the fence — about engaging online to enhance their job searching.

Overall, we repeatedly see recruiters of all varying industries jumping into social networks in search for professional, qualified candidates like you. The thing is … they can’t find you if you aren’t out there.

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