Extreme Job Search Makeover Winner Session 2 Job Board

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our second session for Mr. Allen was reviewing the key points of how to navigate a job board. Many job seekers don’t know how to leverage the features of a job board to leverage their job search.

Mr. Allen was also given a rare opportunity to see the back end of the job board and how an Employer would search for his resume and how it would look. This provided key intelligence as to how to structure his resume. 

The two key items Mr. Allen learned during his session about the way recruiters search for resumes on a job board:

1) The top two inches of the resume are key real estate- when posting your resume on a job board realize that the area on your resume that is typically reserved for your contact information can actually be deleted and your key accomplishments can be moved up. This way the recruiter will see your keywords and accomplishments, and not just your name and address.

2) Refresh your resume frequently – recruiters only want to look at fresh resumes that have been recently posted or refreshed. They don’t want to wade through resumes that are old or haven’t been refreshed because they assume you are no longer in the job hunt. If you haven’t uploaded or refreshed your resume in the last 30 days…now is the time!

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