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Posted by Kathleen Smith

On a recent US Airways flight, I thumbed through the in-flight magazine. These magazines have gotten better over the years realizing that passengers are looking for tidbits of information rather than a full length article that might not be of interest. In this particular issue, there was a short article about Honor Flight ( This is an organization whose purpose is to bring World War II veterans – free of charge – to visit their World War II memorial here in DC. Honor Flight started out small effort of one pilot renting out a place to bring a few veterans to the memorial and has grown into an annual campaign to bring as many veterans as possible to the memorial with daily flights each May. It was heartwarming to read how the US Airways crews put on special efforts at National Airport to welcome each plane of veterans with balloons, flags, and bands.


I would also like to say thanks to my father-in-law who received the Silver and Bronze star for valor and the Purple Heart in World War II for his valiant efforts for the Marine Corps in the South Pacific. Stuart, we miss you and Happy Memorial Day.

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