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Posted by Patra Frame

The Internet offers a lot of information on job search techniques and tools.  Unfortunately the quality is very uneven. And generally I would suggest you check out any sites that want money very, very carefully before punching in your credit card numbers. 

Here are some articles and suggested tools I do recommend.

LinkedIn Tips — CIO is not just for IT folks, their tips on using social media effectively in job search are really useful. 

Networking made easier – necessary since even many extroverts find networking hard and do it badly.

Social Media for Job Search – from our own Kathleen’s seminars, with extra emphasis for those who fear using it due to their clearances.

Escaping Job Hunting Hell – ideas for getting around the ‘lost application’ messes online.

A good recap of job search basics — and yes you will find you missed some!

Career changers – a how-to interview with my favorite headhunter.

One from a great series on networking for job search success.

OK, so you notice there is a theme here! It is that whatever you do in your job search, you really have to actually talk to other human beings more than anything else you do to find a new opportunity. 

Good hunting!

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