Job Seeker Stories from the March 3 Cleared Job Fair

Posted by Kathleen Smith

We like to share some of the discussions we have with job seekers who attend a Cleared Job Fair. Yesterday we spoke to several transitioning military folks. Take cues from their experience in your own plans for a successful job search.

Job seeker Job Seeker GeorgeGeorge found out about the Cleared Job Fair from a presentation we gave to his Fort Meade TAP Class. He’ll be transitioning to the civilian world June 1 seeking a position in Intel Analysis with a cyber focus. To prepare for today, George reviewed the exhibiting employers and the positions they were sourcing ahead of time so he could target his specialty and make the most of his time.

George was most impressed by TASC, Invertix and Hazard Management Solutions because the recruiters were well prepared to talk about opportunities beyond what they were explicitly seeking to fill today. He was particularly excited about discovering Hazard Management Sollutions. “I had never heard of them before, so if I didn’t come today I never would have considered them as a potential employer. They are doing exciting, sexy stuff,” George related.

To close the loop on a successful day, George plans to follow up by sending the recruiters an email mentioning key points of discussion, the positions of interest and another copy of his resume.

Job seeker Sean is currently serving with the National Guard and just got back from a deployment. His buddy came to a Cleared Job Fair last year and received several job offers, so Sean wants to do his homework. He really came today to get the lay of the land in preparation for his job search. As part of that prep work Sean had his resume professionally reviewed by a ClearedJobs.Net HR professional. “You develop these documents and you don’t see the holes,” he related. “I think now I’m ready to hit it when I come to the next job fair.”

“I was dropping my wife off and saw the signs, so I thought I would stop by,” said a 19-year Air Force veteran job seeker who will retire in November. “I had never been to a job fair, but I am glad I did as I ended up talking to a few companies I had not heard of before!”

Good luck to George, Sean and our 19-year Air Force veteran and thanks for your service! Our next Cleared Job Fair is April 7 in Springfield, VA. We hope you’ll join us!

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