Lockheed Martin Invests in Cyber Security Talent and Workforce Development

Posted by Kathleen Smith

 Lockheed Martin has just announced numerous evolving talent and workforce development initiatives of interest to security cleared job seekers designed to fill the critical need for a certified and trained cyber security workforce. Lockheed Martin’s commitment to this field includes implementation of a Cyber University; university recruiting; cyber career paths; mentoring; knowledge transfer and competitive compensation. In addition, new academic graduate scholarships have recently been awarded to students at Carnegie Melon University, Purdue University and the University of Maryland.

“Cyber Security is embedded in everything Lockheed Martin delivers and our people are critical to ensuring mission resilience for our customers. The company recognizes the significance of its cyber workforce and has invested more than $1 million in university recruiting, scholarships and training,” said Rick Johnson, vice president and chief technology officer, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services.

Lockheed Martin’s defined talent management strategy to support cyber security workforce demands begins with talent sourcing and recruitment and continues with certification, training, and mentoring, to move professionals along an established career track.

For more information about Lockheed Martin’s Cyber University, please visit

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2 thoughts on “Lockheed Martin Invests in Cyber Security Talent and Workforce Development”

  1. Today, there are several universities that are providing Cyber Security degrees. In cyber security program student is taught to use the recent technology and ensure that digital information communication is carried in an appropriate manner that is secured from surveillance or attack by expert hackers and malevolent computer users. Useful post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Robert – thanks for sharing the additional information! By sharing useful information with others we make the community a better place.
    Thanks again!

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