Marine Corps Association 2009 Ground Awards Dinner

Posted by Kathleen Smith


Last night, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the MCA Ground Awards Dinner which celebrates the work of the four Marine Divisions:

  • Marines of the Year
  • the 2008 Leftwich Trophy Winner
  • the Hulbert Trophy Winner
  • …and the Chambers Award Winner

MCA is the host of the event in coordination with HQMC PP&O. The evening’s speaker was General Alfred M. Gray, USMC (Ret) 29th Commandant of the Marine Crops.

It is always an honor to attend one of the Marine Corps Associations events and we are proud to be a Corporate Member and a founding member of the Marine Corps Association Foundation.


Second only to the Annual Marine Corps Association dinner, the Ground Awards dinner is a special evening that everyone comes out for. It is such a pleasure to be part of a crowd of dedicated Marines, former Marines who now work in the private sector, and award honorees.

I am always touched by the families and spouses who attend the events with their Marines who are being celebrated. They are so proud but also so overwhelmed at the large crowd filled with dignitaries who are there to honor their husband, son or daughter. It is also heartwarming that so many dignitaries are so approachable for picture taking.


Enjoy our photos of the Ground Awards Dinner on our Flickr feed here!

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