Memorial Day 2017

Posted by John Nixon

Memorial DayAs the Memorial Day weekend approaches, I reflect on the many great gatherings with family and friends that I have enjoyed during this unofficial start to summer. Recalling how we would talk and laugh freely about whatever topic came to mind, with our biggest concern being having to be back to work on Tuesday. Volumes of fond memories have been created over the years and this is quite a gift.

During this reflection however, I am also reminded that this gift came at a very high price. For over 240 years, millions of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines answered their country’s call to duty to protect our freedoms. And many thousands of them paid the ultimate price.

Recognition of these sacrifices is quite sobering and humbling. And for me, it places an even higher value on all the memories that have been created with friends and family around this holiday weekend. A very special gift, indeed.

So I encourage you to please join me again this Memorial Day to honor all of these brave service members who have laid down their lives for us and have given us the freedoms we enjoy every day. We owe it to them never to forget. Cherish the gift.

Semper Fidelis

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