Military Spouse Recognition Day is tomorrow, Friday the 8th … so here’s what we are going to do (#milSpouseDay)

Posted by Kathleen Smith

For those who know and do not know, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984. The official celebration date has been designated as the Friday before Mother’s Day each year. And so here we are, less than 24 hours away from a very special day for military spouses who are more than deserving of this special recognition.

As a 2001 press release we found on the web so eloquently states, “Military spouses are a uniquely adaptable group of talented men and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They are required to be ambassadors to the world in the truest sense of the word, and they do, as a whole, represent our country well.”

How true these words ring today in light of the wars and turmoils our country faces of late. We here at ClearedJobs.Net feel compelled to do *something* in recognition of these men and women who support our military with more might, heart and soul we can dream possible.

So here’s what we are going to do for this very special occasion…

We want (and will be) sending out thoughtful notes of appreciation to as many military spouses as we can find on Twitter, Facebook and on the blogosphere,

  • On Twitter, we will upload a special photo message and tribute using in dedication for each military spouse we find in the twittersphere
  • On Facebook, we will post a special photo message and tribute into our Facebook feeds for each military spouse we find who has a Facebook group or page
  • For military spouse bloggers who may not be on Twitter or Facebook, if we can find an email address, we will send them a link to a special photo message and tribute which will be found on our Flickr stream

Using these social tools and social web approach, we believe we’ll get the maximum coverage; at least as much as possible in a 24-36 hour period!

So let’s do this … we please help us to spread the word!

Please help us to spread the word! If you’d like us to send a special Military Spouse Recognition Day thank you tribute to a specific military spouse who is on Twitter, please leave a comment below with that spouse’s twitter handle information in your comment.

It’s the least we can do

This small but meaningful effort is the absolute least we can do, which is to let the Twitterverse, blogosphere and Facebook community know how thankful and appreciative we are here at ClearedJobs.Net for all the things military spouses sacrifice and endure daily.

From our family to yours, we thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Military Spouse Recognition Day is tomorrow, Friday the 8th … so here’s what we are going to do (#milSpouseDay)”

  1. Hi Bill! We want to thank you for this lovely, heartfelt dedication for Dawn. Want you to know that we’ve gone ahead and honored your request. We’ve posted the dedication on TwitPic here and have emailed Dawn directly since we are not on MySpace (but we did find her there!). Additionally, we will upload the dedication to Dawn on our Flickr stream for Military Spouse Appreciation *Every* Day gallery as well as our Facebook page. Thank you, again, for taking the time to make a dedication. Dawn is clearly deserving. We’re always on the look out for other military spouses so please help us get the word out. Thanks again and best wishes to you … and Dawn 🙂

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