#milspouseday really should be more than one day…and we agree

Posted by Kathleen Smith

After giving our #milspouseday efforts more thought and consideration over Mother’s Day weekend, I was inspired by comments someone on LinkedIn made regarding our good outreach. They said what we were doing on Twitter at @milspouseday was such a nice thing to do that it would be nice if we could do it for more than a day or a weekend.


This is so true. Military spouses are ultra special and need our love, appreciation and support all the time. As a result, I think we will just continue our military spouse outreach effort casually as we are able to scope out #milspouses on the twittersphere and give them a fun, loving shout out of recognition and appreciation.

Onward it is, then…

So, we’re no longer going to put a number, time frame or limit on our @milspouseday initiative. We’re simply just going to continue this effort in between work and as we learn of new #milspouses to plug. We’ll see how far along we get in the next coming weeks and months.


Thanks to all

I would also like to thank everyone who sent in recommendations, complements and good vibes via email or via twitter. The dedication lines are now always open so feel free to let us know when you cite a #milspouse who needs a little plug.


You can always check out our progress on this #milspouse outreach effort via the following links:

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