Name Tag Recommendations for Job Seekers @ Cleared Job Fairs

Posted by Kathleen Smith

I can’t tell you how many times I find myself letting cleared job seekers attending our Cleared Job Fairs know that their name badge is not strategically placed on their person.

Name badge don’t:
Do *NOT* place your name badge on the edge of your blazer or jacket or on any part of your mid-torso

Examples of how NOT to wear your name badge are demonstrated below:

And now for the CORRECT WAY to display your name badge at a Cleared Job Fair, or any job fair in general…


My *strong* recommendation is that when attending a job fair, job seekers should put their name badges on their upper left hand side. This way, when a job seeker shakes a recruiters hand and introduces themselves, it allows the recruiter to also see the job seeker’s name on the badge for reinforcement.

At a job fair, recruiters are talking to many candidates per hour so to make yourself stand out that much more, little things like the placement of a name badge helps the recruiter to make a better connection.

Good luck with that cleared job search!!

This entry was posted on Thursday, April 08, 2010 5:37 pm

One thought on “Name Tag Recommendations for Job Seekers @ Cleared Job Fairs”

  1. I’ve heard some people recommend putting it on the upper RIGHT. That way when you shake hands, it’s on the part of your torso more towards them, not the part away from them. (Ignore if you shake with your left of course.)

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