NASATweetup with Commander of the International Space Station

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Yesterday we were honored to attend a NASATweetup with astronaut and Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock at NASA HQ. Doug is a quote machine and a very inspiring spokesperson for NASA.

Doug spent over five months on the International Space Station. He shared his thoughts on subjects ranging from space travel, to the beauty of earth from space, to tweeting from space. Doug tweeted many amazing photos during his journey, and he was most fond of taking pics of the aurora borealis and hurricanes. If you’d like to follow Doug on Twitter his handle is @Astro_Wheels.

Some of his pithy observations:

  • A Soyuz landing is akin to a series of loud explosions followed by a really bad car crash.
  • Space smells like the end of a just-extinguished match or burnt cookies. 
  • Sorest body part after returning? The neck. You don’t have to hold up your head in space.

Thanks again to NASA for an awe-inspiring presentation!


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