Operation Jump Start VIII and Hero Dogs

Posted by Rob Riggins
Gift Cards for Operation Jump Start

Last night we met several service members taking advantage of the professional attire being offered at the Operation Jump Start event – suits, coats, ties, etc.

Operation Jump Start is a program of the Aleethia Foundation, which encourages donations of gift cards and new or nearly new professional business attire to assist wounded warriors as they begin their transition to the civilian work world. While they are no longer accepting clothing donations, Operation Jump Start is always in need of gift cards and cash donations.   

Hero Dogs!

We were also lucky to meet these pooches from Hero Dogs who were in attendance. Hero Dogs purpose is to train and place service dogs with vets who have been injured or disabled while serving. It’s amazing to see these guys open a door or pick up a dropped cell phone. They can even load and unload a washer and dryer!

Hero Dogs provides service dogs at no cost to the veteran. But they need folks to raise and train puppies, as well as donations to support their work.

We were honored to take part in Operation Jump Start, and hope you consider supporting these organizations.

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