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  • Gov 2.0 Showcase – Looking at 2.0 Technology Differently

    The Gov 2.0 Showcase followed by the Gov 2.0 Summit kicked off the Fall. The showcase format was interesting in that it examined government as many different platforms rather than a building or institution. One thing that many people forget outside the government is that those in… more

  • PRESS RELEASE: Best Recruiters of 2009

    More than 4,500 Security Cleared Job Seekers Vote to Recognize Top Recruiting Talent at Cleared Job Fairs for 2009 (September 16, 2009) Falls Church, Virginia — At each of the Cleared Job Fairs held throughout (and for the remainder of) 2009, participating security cle… more

  • Cleared Job Fair: Photo and Video Gallery on Flickr

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are 85,000 words to describe our September 15, 2009 Cleared Job Fair held @ The Double Tree Hotel in Arlington, Virginia this week. Enjoy! … more

  • Cyber Security Market: US Federal Government Will Invest $55 Billion Over Next 6 Years

    Of particular interest to security cleared job seekers in the cyber security field is the following statistic:The U.S. Federal Government will spend about$55 billion on cyber security over the next six years.Persistent weaknesses in cyber security policies and practices continue … more

  • Cleared Job Fair: Lots of Military Personnel in Transition

    In addition to Daisy W. whom we had the pleasure of chatting with about an hour or so ago, we've been seeing lots military personnel at today's Cleared Job Fair. Most of these individuals, like Daisy W., are seeking employment opportunities with private sector companies after the… more