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  • Cleared Job Seekers + IT Skills = Good Fit for Veterans Affairs Department

    We learned today via NextGov's What's Brewin' blog that the Veterans Affairs Inspector General has openly blasted the VA Department for continued failures in response to managing significant technical issues related to the management of patient records. You can read the NextGov … more

  • National Journal: Vetting Vexes State Department

    Of interest recently is the National Journal which cites the State Department faces the same challenges that OPM and DOD face when clearing new personnel with one major hurdle: most applicants have done extensive travel overseas which complicates the background investigations tha… more

  • Pentagon Web site redesigned to appeal to younger audience

    Government Executive reported recently that the Department of Defense has launched its new website to take the place of the former which was geared toward an audience that was 45+. The new site includes many of the current social media tools to… more

  • News briefs: Background Checks and Virtual Veterans

    Fedblog: Background Checks, New Media-StyleA review of how the current government hiring practices have been revolutionary even with their lengthy essay questions and how private practice of resume key word search may not hire the right employee. All on the eve of new legislation… more

  • Career Change: Words from the Frontline

    It was brought to our attention a great piece posted on LinkedIn by Steve Yousten on what Steve himself was doing as part of his career change. Steve's professional transition and challenges are not unlike many of challenges facing our own cleared jobs seekers.  Learn about Stev… more