Patra Debuts Two New Seminars @ this week’s Cleared Job Fair

Posted by Kathleen Smith

New Patra Frame seminars

In addition to our live coverage of the June 4 Cleared Job Fair, the event will also offer two informative, new seminars developed and being presented by human resources professional Patra Frame:

  • “Success to Success”
    Focuses on professionals’ successes during their career and build upon this in their resumes, interviews and future jobs.
  • “Moving from Public to Private”
    Supports those job seekers transitioning from civilian and military careers into the private sector.

At the last Cleared Job Fair, Patra was filmed for three new educational job seeker videos including:

  • Why Go to a Job Fair
  • What Employers are Expecting Now
  • How to Help a Friend in their Job Search

Each of these videos are now available online on the ClearedJobs.Net YouTube channel at

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