Peter Weddle tells it like it is (or how it should be) @ Best Recruiters 2009 event

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Career fitness, anyone?

If you are a job seeker or *anyone* that clearly cares about their career, Peter Weddle — a recruiter, HR consultant and business CEO turned author and commentator — has two tips for you:

  • You are responsible for your own “career fitness” … meaning only you, not your parents, not your spouse or friends, are responsible for keeping up your skillsets, knowledge and expertise.
  • You are responsible for day-to-day career fitness maintenance … this also should include keeping your resume up to date often and not just once a year. Those who only tend to their career upkeep once a year during annual review time are in 20th century mode and will suffer greatly during a “career cardiac arrest” or, in more layman’s terms, when faced with sudden unemployment.

Peter’s bottom line…

Use 2010 to take care of your career!

Like your health, you should be tending to your “career fitness” every single day. Don’t wait, act now!

Our .02 cents

Peter’s advice couldn’t be more relevant, not only in these economic times we find ourselves in but also because the New Year is upon us and typically, this is a time of new resolutions, goals and objectives
we all strive to achieve. What a great time for security cleared job seekers to really think about their own career fitness!

As the 2010 creeps up rapidly, we strongly encourage professionals with active security clearances to address their overall career fitness and determine a plan of action. Need to update your resume? Need to incorporate social media into your job search? Want to start positioning yourself as an industry thought leader via blogging? The time is *now* to get your career fitness track into place.

From all of us at ClearedJobs.Net and each of the Best Recruiters of 2009, we generously thank Peter for his time, wit and insight during his presentation today.

Thank you Peter!!!

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