Recruiting Now… or Stuck in the Past?

Posted by Patra Frame

Peter Weddle gave a great preview of 2010 Recruiting to’s Best Recruiters of 2009 celebration.  I could fist-bump them all, but thought his forecast that social media use in recruiting would be ‘growing up’ critically important.

Years ago when I first was on LinkedIn myself, I used to get regular notes from recruiters I did not know – some quite targeted but others that left me wondering.  Now I hear regularly from folks who feel as if they are being spammed by random contacts from unknown recruiters.  And hear recruiters who talk about Twitter as if it were their only source.

So what are you doing? Do you have a focused plan for the use of social media? Multiple channels? Real metrics? Someone who is thinking about the strategy and monitoring the program’s practices? Have you integrated this as one part of your total plan or is it hanging out there separately?

Do you have a targeted message that entices potential candidates to learn more, to follow what is going on in your organization? Are you building relationships? Or do you just blast out job ads? Have a sourcer searching profiles? And sending a canned job posting? Check Twitter periodically and see if anyone with a TS/SCI/Lifestyle Poly will drop into your lap… as if!

Is social media in your program just at the crawling baby stage, a teen-ager, or a real part of your recruiting business plan?

I remember when resumes were formally printed and we were trained to ask about an applicant’s father’s work history so as to do ‘psychological’ evaluations. 1940s processes in the 1980s … what era are your employment practices in?

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