Recruiting Roundup: $100k Referral Bonus

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Dalai Lama gives job search adviceWho knew the Dalai Lama had written a book called The Art of Happiness at Work? In Career Advice from the Dalai Lama, the gist of his advice is to focus on improving your attitude.When asked the typical DC question what do you do, his priceless response, “Nothing. I do nothing.”

There is all kinds of good advice in Lifehacker’s How to Give Your Career a Tuneup. In a nutshell it’s do it now. Don’t wait until you’re ready to run out the door.

There’s a new study out that shows that all that time on vacation isn’t spent just relaxing, it’s also spent reflecting in Job Hunts Heat Up after Vacation.

This is a referral program with some heft. Power company NRG Home is offering a referral fee of up to $100,000 in their search for a new EVP and President inĀ An Unconventional Search for an Unconventional Leader. And if you refer yourself the $100k is given to a charity of your choice.

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