Recruiting Roundup: Be a Baker, DoL Petition, The Number 1 Recruiter Mistake

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

For a good chuckle, read Tim Sackett’s How Job Candidates Lie, and the Best Lies They Always Seem to Tell. How many of these have you experienced?

Erik Smetana wants you to be a baker, not a short-order cook working on the fly without regard to future planning in Rethink Talent Acquisition

If you pay for LinkedIn Recruiter, the InMails you send to fellow group members who aren’t 1st degree connections will be deducted from your allotted monthly InMail credits in Sourcers, Recruiters Riled By LinkedIn Mailing Changes.

“Engineers must feel like slabs of meat in a recruiter-filled nightclub, when it’s well after 2 AM,” from My Manifesto to Engineers.

Matt Charney is petitioning the Department of Labor via to Create and enforce candidate experience guidelines for employers, conduct periodic audits, and establish a way for candidates to report violations to ensure continued compliance.

What turns your experience as a recruiter into a liability? The Number 1 Mistake Experienced Recruiters Make.

Learn the difference between cynicism, pessimism and nihilism with Laurie Rueittimann in Cynicism Ain’t Easy.


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