Recruiting Roundup: Best Employee Training Programs and Job Boards Beat Social Media

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

Ben Horowitz thinks that two companies that do some of the best training are Facebook, on the engineering side, and Twitter for management: How Facebook and Twitter Built the Best Employee Training Programs in Silicon Valley.

“As the dust has settled around the disruption caused by social media, it’s becoming clearer that while social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter complement some aspects of hiring, they haven’t replaced job boards.” To wit: Job Board Technology is Still Better than Social Media. Yes it’s self-serving!

Pocket Recruit’s study tracking the mobile recruiting efforts of 100 firms over the last three years in Mobile Sites Win the Battle Against Apps But Leave an Apply Time Bomb.

Is your recruiting function recognized as a major contributor to meeting the goals of your company? If not, review the 10 Ways to Align Recruiting Plans with Your Corporate Goals and Strategy: How Recruiting Can Prove Its Business Impact.

Photo: Reuters/Rick Wilking


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