Recruiting Roundup: Directioners are the Future and Recruiting Software Engineers

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

Siofra Pratt muses that future of great recruitment is in the hands of several thousand teenage girls in Why Directioners are the Future of Social Recruitment.

Glassdoor surveyed more than 1,400 software engineers to find out what their job seeking plans are, when they’re most likely to leave their employer, what would entice them to join a new company, and what they wish recruiters did differently. One in four expect to look for a new job in the next three months in How to Recruit Software Engineers.

Sean Pomeroy answers those simple social media questions that you may be afraid to ask in 7 Questions and Answers About Recruiting with Social Media.

How to Decrease Your Staffing Firm Spending is a plea to implement a quality employee referral program.


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