Recruiting Roundup: Do You Play Would You Rather, Six Problems with Holocracy

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

HR Drinking Games is a version of “Would You Rather” for work. And they’re really thought provoking…with answers. For example, “Would you rather give a large raise to one (very deserving) person on your team at the expense of the rest of the team members getting any raise, or split the raise evenly amongst the team and risk losing the star?”

We weren’t sure we knew what holocracy meant until reading this article on The Six Problems with Holocracy. Now we know what holocracy is, and the problems with it.

There Are People in Your Shiny Objects tells us to remember that the latest technology or trends are simply tools for communicating with…people.

Matt Charney’s Social Media Recruiting and Diversity features an Up with People album cover. Need we say more?



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