Recruiting Roundup: Do You Suck at Interviewing, A Cynics 2014 Predictions

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Our picks for this week’s best recruiting news:

Sourcing candidates takes skill and strategy. Are you a Hunter or Trapper recommends the proactive approach.

Ben Olds says you’re probably not nearly as good at interviewing as you think you are in My Wife Thinks I Suck at Interviewing.

Build quality in every step of the hiring process, not just at the end. Fix Your Broken Recruiting Process.

A Cynic’s Top 10 Predictions for 2014 speaks for itself.

Glen Cathey thinks candidate identification is the most critical step in the talent acquisition/recruiting life cycle. Glen’s Top Ten Ways to Source Candidates.

Recruiting really is marketing in Time to Step Up to the Marketing Plate.


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