Recruiting Roundup: Honda’s Unorthodox Hiring, Is It a Job Seekers’ Market

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Why job seekers are rejecting job offersEight in ten of the recruiters in the MRINetwork are saying this is a job seekers’ market, although outside certain skill sets I don’t know if that’s what we’re seeing in the cleared job market. This MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study shows that hiring managers are taking too long with job offers, resulting in candidates turning the offers down in Too Slow or Too Low: Why Offers Are Being Rejected. What are you seeing?

Dave Clemens on the importance of starting new hires on the right foot by having a plan in How to Get Onboarding Right from the First Day.

How does your HR department interact and maintain its relationships with line managers? A Bravo reality TV show or a team effort? Ron Ashkenas dissects the issue in the Harvard Business Review’s  Why Managers and HR Don’t Get Along.

Honda has an unorthodox hiring process, seeking independent thinks who don’t necessarily have any experience in the auto industry. Read more about Honda’s approach in How Honda Drives Its Workforce.

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