Recruiting Roundup: Your Company Can’t Hire and Onboarding with Thoughtfulness

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Consulting firm CEB’s 4 Ways to Empower Your HR Talent Process based on the findings of their Global Assessment Trends Report. “Yesterday’s talent practices are jeopardizing tomorrow’s growth opportunities.”

Brent Rasmussen thinks that while many human resources managers cite structural issues like the skills gap as a key explanation for why hiring is still below the pre-recession peak, recruitment strategy plays a crucially important role. Check out these 7 Reasons Your Company Can’t Hire.

Shannon Smedstad has some intriguing thoughts with Onboarding Requires a Little Thoughtfulness. Much of this falls on the hiring manager, but if you don’t instruct them who will?

Ah the stories that everyone shares about dealing with hiring managers. Surely you have several that you could provide yourself. Emily Gordon states “The only person you can change is you.” Maybe a different approach will yield different results in How Recruiters can Create Successful Partnerships with Hiring Managers.

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